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My name is Ruby, aged 20 I am currently in my second year studying a Bachelor of Communication Design. I'm motivated, determined.
I’d like to think of myself as a bubbly uplifting character, aiming to please and succeed in every day situations and tasks. I currently live at home on the Stanmore Bay Peninsular, nannying on the ones off's (which not only comes with the role of caring for a child - but pets too) and currently work as a video editor and graphic design freelancer.

I have been commuting into the city for short uni lectures, but I am ideally looking for a spot closer so the travel isn’t is as strenuous! As my uni course is very self directed, I work mostly from home from my laptop. I am able to be very mobile when it comes to working, and can ideally work from anywhere majority of the time if there is internet access avaliable.

I am seeking more space, independence, experience, and possibly something closer to the city as a young adult. I love caring for others, as well as looking after my own well-being .

A house sitting role would be a way for me to:
- Care for a furry animal
- Look after someone’s beloved home
- Focus on uni and gain independency
-With the added bonus of having my own space and caring for my wellbeing

In terms of experience, I have looked after family friends places, and had one three jobs with this company (since been registered since April 2018) I’ve had multiple pets growing up, so understand the care and attention needed for animals. Can deal with large or small animals with a controlled mature manner.

A homeowner can expect me to be reliable, responsible and flexible to their needs. Caring for their belongings and catering to all their wants, needs and pets desires to my best ability with full communication and trust.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read,
Kindest Regards

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