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Erin and Rich

House sitter
Erin and Rich

Wouldn't it be nice if you could end your house sitter search within the next 5 minutes?

Well, hopefully you can as we'd love to come and take care of things for you so you can enjoy yourselves.

It can be a daunting thing to leave your beloved pets, home and garden with a stranger... but we promise to look after everything as lovingly and carefully as you do.

We have bags of common sense and are both calm and down to earth, so no problem is too big - even earthquakes don't rile us! :)

You'll arrive home to happy pets wagging their tails and plants thriving. Your house will be clean, tidy and well looked after.

Feel totally confident in leaving us in charge... and like all our other house sits, we will definitely not let you down.

For your peace of mind, please click on our "All References - Rich Erin" pack which has a range of reviews, feedback and professional references from multiple sources.


It's very important to do a great job for you so here's how we approach eat sit


INTRODUCTIONS - Get to know us via Skype and feel comfortable that we'll do an outstanding job for you.
EARLY ARRIVAL OPTION - If it suits you, we're more than happy to arrive early
CLARIFY RESPONSIBILITIES - We take time to discuss with you and/or thoroughly read through any notes or instructions you've given us. We set reminders and divide responsibilities so you can be sure everything gets done, like clockwork.
CLARIFY COMMUNICATION - Whether this is email, text, a WhatsApp group or by phone, we'll clarify how much communication you'd like and via which medium. We can send progress reports for you, photos of your pets and Skype catch ups if you would like.
YOUR THINGS - The last thing we want is for you to have to search through cupboards to find "that" pan so we make sure we know what goes where. A place for everything and everything in its place :)


DUTIES - All duties will be carried out and your pets will be looked after like they were our own
RESPECT - We'll fully respect your home, garden and privacy so no need to worry about anything while you are away.
PROFESSIONAL CLEAN - We'll fully clean & disinfect the spaces we've used so they're spotless and ready for you


RESTOCKED ESSENTIALS - We'll make sure you return to all the essentials (milk, bread, eggs and any requests) so you can flop straight into bed if you so desire
WELCOME HOME - We always leave a wee gift & card - it's the little touches that count
HANDOVER/DEBRIEF - Whether in person or one the phone (depending on the situation) we'll make sure you know of any issue and would love to hear about your trip.

That being said we're more than happy to take your lead on any of this and be flexible to your requirements.


House-sitting creates a real sense of giving back and serving others. The mutually beneficial arrangement really resonates with us, and of course, we LOVE pets.

Both of us have managed to transform our businesses in a way that means we can work online (Links below if you're interested). This allows us to travel and spend time with our families in New Zealand and the UK.

We enjoy hanging out and bonding with the pets and always feel sorry to leave them, but so far have been asked back by all the people we house sat for, so it isn't too long before we'll see them again.


As both of us work online, we have oodles of time to hang out with Lord Fluffington and make sure everything 'back at the ranch' is in tip top shape, while you enjoy yourself... worry free.

Pet's wise, we've looked after many different pets between NZ, the UK and Europe during 20+ sits, including:

Bernese Mountain Dog
Golden Retrievers (adult and puppy)
Miniature Schnauzer
Hungarian Vizslas x 2
Black Labradors x 4 (soon to be 5)
Pugs x 2
Irish Setter
King Charles Spaniels x 3

British Blue
Bombay Black
Various Tabbys & Gingers
Various lots of 3 to 5 cats at a time

15 Chickens
2 Geese

We've also looked after highland cattle, fed birds, and would have no issues with other farm/poultry if needed.

Professional / personal experience...

- Dealt with a major Earthquake and a dog that developed blood in his urine (unrelated!), during house sitting jobs
- Managed over 200 properties as a professional Property Manager so there usually isn't a problem that Rich hasn't dealt with
- Experience with swimming pool maintenance, ride on mowers & leaf blowers at various house sits
- Renovated an apartment in the UK and built an investment property in New Zealand
- Built & run 2 businesses (fashion retail & online wall art printing)
- Hired & managed 50+ people in various businesses so we're both good communicators
- Rich has been a youth mentor and taught English to a refugee new to NZ
- Travelled 50+ countries, problem solving along the way

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