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Hannah and Josh

House sitter
Hannah and Josh

Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at our profile. Joshua and I are really big animal lovers. It primarily comes from our compassionate, caring, empathetic nature. I make regular donations to charities like the SPCA and the WWF because I appreciate that animals cannot stand up for themselves and it pains me when I see them being mistreated. I am in the process of signing up to be a Volunteer with the Wellington SPCA where I will receive basic Animal First Aid training as well as Animal Behaviour and Training skills also. I like to watch youtube tutorials on Animal Behaviour and Training when I pet sit so that I can practice my knowledge and benefit the animals as well. I love to learn

When I was living in Auckland studying I had a long haired Chihuahua named Pepi. I absolutely adored him! I can completely understand how people treat their pets like their fur children because I was the same with him. I made the really hard decision to rehome him when I realised that working full-time and studying and not being able to be home with him at least one day a week was affecting him. It's hard to put your pets into the care of other people and we take the responsibility of Pet Minding really seriously.

Josh is a big cat person. When we first started dating he had a gorgeous Moggy called Clooney (named after George Clooney) They were especially close and Josh even got me to meet Clooney early on in our dating piece to see wether Clooney liked me or not. I thought this was rather sweet.

Josh and I decided pet setting would be a great idea because we love animals but while we are saving for our own home we don't feel it is right to have our own pet until we can secure they will have a home ongoing as my experience with Landlords accepting animals has been mixed. We are primarily based out of Wellington where most of our family lives. We are currently house-sitting full-time and are open to pet-sits nationwide. The flexibility of our jobs allows us to do so.

If we sit for you you can expect us to respect your home and live it exactly how you left it. You can expect us to take care of any pets you have to a high standard (we love animals). We understand that a person's home is very much a prized possession. We are happy to accomodate to your special requests regarding your pets. If you would like regular updates about how they are doing while you are away we are more than happy to do that also.

I recently left my 9-5 to run my life coaching business so I can be at home a lot of the time to care for your pet. So you have peace of mind that they are not lonely.

Josh and I both have a bit of a green thumb (I am learning off him) and we are happy to keep to a list of tasks to make sure the house and Garden are taken care of while you are away.

We would love to hear from you to set up a face-to-face meeting to see if you feel we would be the right fit for your home and for your animals.

Kindest Regards

Hannah and Josh

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