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My name is Ross and I'm a 34 year old Irishman who has been living in New Zealand for nearly 4 years this October. I`m a Youth Worker(Care Worker) and very passionate about my work with young people to help and be a source of positive guidance in their lives.

I have been travelling for nearly 10 years and due to me moving around a lot I am unable to have a pets of my own. I have grown up around animals my entire life but first with Branson (Golden Retriever) who was born the same month as me when my father got him,we grew up together up until he passed when we were 15. As a kid I used to ride horse's as I was surrounded by farms and an equestrian center just down the road from my house . Every house I lived in back home had a house mate who owned dog or a pet of some description. The last house I lived in Ireland was with Earl(Collie/German Shepard cross) who is still there when I go home to visit.
The last house I resided at here in Christchurch had 10 chickens and 6 cats on the property. I loved being able to feed the chickens and clean out the coups, (not a job everybody likes but me). Currently I come home to find Sookie (cat) has sneaked into my room to curl up on my bed.

Outside of work I am a very active person who enjoys surfing, hiking and Im Jiu Jitsu practitioner of 6 years which is my main source of exercise.
I`m planning on a big trip next summer in Europe to go home to spend time with my family and think this is a good opportunity for me to care for animals and fill my need for wanting pets of my own. I have cared for friends and family pets in the past both here in New Zealand and back home.

I can assure that your needs will be met and your pets will be safe and sound as if you were doing it yourself from a far.

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