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How to win at interviews

8th January 2015


The first meeting with a homeowner is critical to whether or not you get chosen to do the house sit. Here are a few tips on how to make a great impression.


Let’s start with the basics

Homeowners need to know that you are reliable and are good with communication, so a few big no no’s are being late for your appointment or rescheduling with little notice.

Appearance counts. The way you present and take care of yourself shows the homeowner how you will take care of their pets and property. Simple gestures like taking off your shoes when they invite you inside can speak volumes about your respect for them and their home.


It’s all about their pets:

When the homeowner contacts you to arrange to meet, be interested in their pets and ask for their names. Then when you meet the homeowner you can address their pets by name, which shows that you care. You can take this to another level by ‘Googling’ their breed of pets, which will help you appear more knowledgeable than other applicants who think all dogs are the same.

Be attentive and friendly towards their pets. Remember, they are the reason the homeowner needs you!


Communication is key

Homeowners LOVE talking about their pets, so ask lots of questions – it’s also a great ice breaker.

It’s always a good idea to take some notes when meeting homeowners. It shows them that you’re attentive and serious about following their instructions.


Finishing up

If you decide you’d be happy to house sit for them then let the homeowner know where you stand. But keep in mind they will likely have other applicants to interview, so be diplomatic with how you say this.

If after meeting the homeowners you decide you don’t want to house sit, please log into your account and decline the house sit, which will let the homeowner know you are no longer available.

We’ll let you know once the homeowner chooses their sitter. If they’ve chosen you, you will be prompted to accept or decline the house sit. Please note if you accept the house sit, it is considered booked and you can’t change your mind. There is no issue in applying for multiple sits with overlapping dates. But once you book a sit, you will be automatically removed from any other sits that overlap.

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