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Need a House Sitter? Ten Reasons for Using The Housesitting Company
14th February 2020

For great house sitters across New Zealand, trust The Housesitting Company. We use only vetted, reliable sitters who love pets. Call us on 0800 748 837.
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The Horror Stories that Will Persuade You to Use a Trusted House Sitter
23rd January 2020

Using a background checked, trusted house sitter from The Housesitting Company will mean you won’t suffer what some homeowners do when they go away.
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House sitting is not just in Auckland – it’s across all of New Zealand
21st January 2020

For a professional house sitting service in New Zealand, turn to The Housesitting Company. Our sitters love pets too! Call us today on 0800 748 837.
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The House Sitter You Need is Out There? We’ll Help You Find Them
16th January 2020

The house sitter you’ve been waiting for is close by. Let The Housesitting Company help you with all your concerns. Call us today on 0800 748 837.
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Worried House Sitting Will Affect Your Home Insurance? Then Read This
14th January 2020

Keen for a house sitting service in New Zealand, but not sure how it will affect your home insurance? The Housesitting Company has some helpful advice.
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Long Term House Sitting Could be Your Ticket to a First Home
9th January 2020

Long term house sitting is a great way to save money. Register today with The Housesitting Company, New Zealand’s professional house sitting service.
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The Checklist For Finding A Safe House Sitting Service in Tauranga
7th January 2020

If you’re looking for a house sitting service in Tauranga that only uses vetted sitters, then check out The Housesitting Company today.
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Three Tempting Reasons for House Sitting in Auckland
31st December 2019

House sitting in Auckland could be your route to saving money in an expensive city. Contact The Housesitting Company today about your options.
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House sitters required! Why The Housesitting Company is First Choice
23rd December 2019

House sitters are required across New Zealand right now! Save money for a house or holiday by not renting. Contact The Housesitting Company today.
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Does Dog Boarding Stress You Out? Let a House Sitter Remove the Worry
19th December 2019

Dog boarding can be avoided when you use house sitters from The Housesitting Company. We have sitters across New Zealand so call today on 0800 748 837.
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Reliable house sitter needed? Here’s how it can be stress-free
17th December 2019

A great house sitter is needed for every house sit. The Housesitting Company ensures you receive brilliant service wherever you live in New Zealand.
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What You Need to Look for In A House Sitting Service in Waikato
12th December 2019

Eager to find a great house sitting service to take care of your Waikato home while you’re away? The Housesitting Company can help you today.
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Your Pets Deserve This Level of House Sitting Service in Wellington
10th December 2019

A professional house sitting service is a great way to take care of your Wellington home and your pets. Get a free quote from The Housesitting Company.
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Five Critical Things You Must Know About House Sitting in Christchurch
5th December 2019

House sitting in Christchurch is a great way to save money on rent. The Housesitting Company can help you find a great house sit – register today!
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How house sitting in New Zealand can transform your bank balance
28th November 2019

House sitting in New Zealand has brought peace of mind to Kiwis around the country. Find out more about The Housesitting Company by calling 0800 748 837.
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The Vital Things to Know When Looking for a Professional House Sitter
21st November 2019

Do you need a professional house sitter? The Housesitting Company has professional house sitters across New Zealand who are vetted and insured.
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Tired of paying rent? Long Term House Sitting could be right for you
5th September 2019

Looking into long term house sitting? Or searching for a vetted, reliable sitter? Call The Housesitting Company today on 0800 748 837.
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How to Find Trusted House Sitters
3rd September 2019

Only vetted house sitters should be allowed into homes. Call The Housesitting Company on 0800 748 837 to find out how your home will be cared for.
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House Sitting & New Zealand are the Perfect Match for First Home Buyers
28th May 2019

You could enter the property market through house sitting in New Zealand. Take the first step by calling The Housesitting Company on 0800 748 837.
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How a Dog Walker Can Give You Peace of Mind While You’re Away
24th May 2019

Looking for a dog walker you can trust to take care of your best friend and your home? Our house sitters are interviewed, background checked and screened.
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Looking for Auckland House Sitting Jobs? The Housesitting Company Has Auckland Covered!
21st May 2019

Searching for Auckland house sitting jobs? Save on Auckland rent or hotel costs by becoming a trusted Kiwi house sitter with the Housesitting Company today!
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How a House Sitter will be the Best Dog Walker While You’re Away
17th May 2019

Want a vetted, responsible house sitter who will also be a reliable dog walker? Call The Housesitting Company today on 0800 748 837.
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Looking for House Sitting Jobs in NZ? Be a House Sitter with The Housesitting Company!
10th May 2019

Looking for house sitting jobs in New Zealand? Imagine living rent free! Become a House Sitter with The Housesitting Company?
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Explore New Zealand Whilst House Sitting & Save Money with The Housesitting Company
18th April 2019

House sitting is a fantastic way to travel New Zealand on a budget. Does house sitting sound like a great opportunity? Contact The Housesitting Co. today!
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Trusted House Sitters Required Choose The Housesitting Company NZ for Kiwi House Sitters
12th April 2019

Trusted Kiwi house sitters required? Our Kiwi house sitters are police checked, insured, & love animals. Find Kiwi house sitters with The Housesitting Co.
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Looking for House Sitting Jobs? For Kiwi House Sitters Choose The Housesitting Co.
10th April 2019

Saving for a deposit? Our Kiwi house sitters save thousands of dollars & get to their savings goals faster. Looking for house sitting jobs? Call 0800 748 837
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Will House Sitting give me an Insurance Headache?
4th April 2019

Worried that using house sitters will affect your home’s insurance? Call The Housesitting Company on 0800 748 837 and put your fears to rest.
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Cat Sitting & How The Housesitting Company Can Stop You Stressing
22nd March 2019

Going away but have cat sitting concerns? The Housesitting Company will ensure your pet is given the best care, along with your house.
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Looking for a Doggy Day Care Near You? Get a Trusted House Sitter!
15th February 2019

Searching high and low for doggy day care centre that will look after your pampered pooch as good as you? Get a dog sitter from The Housesitting Company
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Looking For Kiwi House Sitters? The House Sitting Company is the Home of Trusted House Sitters in New Zealand
8th February 2019

Searching for trusted house sitters for your New Zealand property? The Housesitting Company is the home of trusted Kiwi house sitters in New Zealand.
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Show me how to get excellent feedback
20th January 2015

When you do a great job, you receive excellent feedback from homeowners. Here are some keys to help you achieve this.
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How to win at interviews
8th January 2015

The first meeting with a homeowner is critical to whether or not you get chosen to do the house sit. Here are a few tips on how to make a great impression.
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4 Mistakes First Timers Make When Choosing A Sitter
4th January 2015

House sitting is a wonderful service which provides pets with one-on-one care and gives the homeowner peace of mind while they are away…if everything goes 100% to plan. Here are 4 mistakes you don’t want to make
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What to cover when meeting your sitters
1st January 2015

You're checking them out and they're checking you out. How to interview sitters without making it feel like an interview