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The Vital Things to Know When Looking for a Professional House Sitter

21st November 2019

As titles go, professional house sitter sounds rather unusual. Not even real, perhaps. The reality though is that it makes good sense to have someone professional take care of your home and pet while you’re away.

After all, you’d feel uneasy on holiday if you knew there was a semi-professional, or even amateur, person looking after your home. And your pet would feel uneasy too.

Put all your anxiety behind you and use a checked, insured and responsible house sitter! Get a FREE, no-obligation quote from The Housesitting Company today!

There are many reasons why The Housesitting Company is regarded by homeowners and house sitters as a professional housesitting service. We’d love to help you find the perfect sitter or sitters for your home, wherever you are in New Zealand. Please read on to check out some of the steps to take when looking for a professional house sitter.

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Step 1: Make sure your professional house sitter is background checked

We receive hundreds of applications from people wanting to be house sitters. And who can blame them? People booked into house sits don’t pay rent where they stay, so they can save lots of money.

Before we accept someone into The Housesitting Company team, they must pass a strict four-step vetting process. This includes a Ministry of Justice background check and a formal interview with a member of our staff. We also insist on two written references, which you will receive copies of, and agreement to our strict terms and conditions.

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Step 2: Find out what you can and can’t expect from your house sitter

This part is important as it helps to avoid any awkward conversations about your sitter or sitters. Their role is to take care of your home and your pets. You should expect them to follow your instructions. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll spring clean your house if you ask them to. That’s not their role. We encourage you find out what you can and can’t expect from a house sitter in these easy to follow FAQs from The Housesitting Company.

Step 3: Check out housesitting testimonials for your housesitting provider

We pride ourselves at The Housesitting Company on providing excellent customer service. And so we encourage you to read the Trustpilot reviews for The Housesitting Company. We hope you like what you read.

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Step 4: Get a free, no obligation quote for a house sitter

Again, an important step. Having a professional house sitter take care of your home and pet is not a free service, but it works out cheaper than putting your dog in a kennel, or cat in a cattery. You can get a free, no obligation quote for a house sitter from The Housesitting Company. It is a very quick form to fill in, but is an important part of you making a decision on choosing a professional housesitting service.

Step 5: Contact the housesitting experts at The Housesitting Company

Booking a professional house sitter to take care of your home and pet is an easy process with The Housesitting Company as we take care of the paperwork. And though sending us a message about your housesitting requirements is great, we love to chat to our clients too.

Give us a call today on 0800 748 837 about how we can help you find a professional house sitter. We look forward to hearing from you.

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