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How to Find Trusted House Sitters

3rd September 2019

Most of us love top tips for things. Baking bread. Mending a bike. How to successfully navigate jet lag. 
We mention jet lag as it’s one of those irritating things you can do without when you’re on a work trip or holiday a long way from home. Another thing you can do without is worrying about your property. It’s all those miles away, empty, with mail stacking up and not even a dog to stand guard as they’re cooped up in a kennel.
This is when you wish you’d acted upon that article you’d read in the media. The one with top tips about finding not just any old house sitter, but trusted house sitters.
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The top tips include making sure you establish house sitting expectations. That includes how your pet is cared for while you’re away. When your mail is collected. And, ensuring only trusted house sitters are used by the company you use.
For the full list of tips that featured in the national media head here or find out more by heading to The Housesitting Company’s FAQs
You can also check out testimonials from our clients too! Give The Housesitting Company a call today 0800 748 837. We’d love to help you.
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