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Three Tempting Reasons for House Sitting in Auckland

31st December 2019

Living in an Auckland rental property is hard on your bank balance if you’re not house sitting. Trying to find an affordable, warm place to rent is often a stressful, long process that involves competing against dozens and sometimes hundreds of others.

Have you considered house sitting in Auckland as an alternative to the rental search nightmare? Register today as a house sitter with The Housesitting Company. We’re also available to chat on 0800 748 837.


Trusted Auckland house sitter

House sitting in Auckland is a viable alternative to trying to find a pleasant rental property in your budget. The Housesitting Company has professional house sitters in Auckland who are enjoying the great benefits of being a trusted, reliable sitter. We thought we’d share some of those benefits with you today.

1. You can save money through house sitting in Auckland

Saving money is understandably one of the top reasons why people get into house sitting, not only in Auckland, but across the country. The Housesitting Company has reliable and responsible animal loving house sitters across New Zealand. They book much of their year into house sits, which means they can save big bucks as they do not pay rent. If that wasn’t reason enough for you to register as a house sitter right now, here are some more great reasons.

house sitting Auckland

2. The Housesitting Company has Public Liability Insurance

What can we say about accidents? Well, they happen in every home. If the dog you’re taking care of brings heaps of mud through the house, just let the homeowner know.

If there’s a bigger accident, house sitters with The Housesitting Company are covered for up to $2m under our Public Liability Insurance. And for the homeowner, we also require them to have their own House and Contents Insurance.

Still have questions about the house sitting insurance situation? Send The Housesitting Company a quick message or give us a call on 0800 748 837.

3. You get to take care of some wonderful pets

If you’re not into looking after pets, then house sitting with us is not for you. However, if you love taking great care of animals that can range from dogs to cats, and horses to donkeys, then we’d love to hear from you. Our sitters not only take care of a home, they also take excellent care of our clients’ pets.

pet sitters Auckland

Bonus reason for registering as a house sitter in Auckland with us

Our house sitters in Auckland and across New Zealand have passed a four step vetting process. That means both you and our clients get extra confidence in our professionalism.

We encourage you to read about our thorough screening process for house sitters, and also the FAQs about house sitting in New Zealand with The Housesitting Company.

house sitting in Auckland

Take the first step towards becoming a house sitter in Auckland by registering as a house sitter today. We look forward to helping you find an awesome first house sit.

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Make finding a sitter, or becoming a sitter, even easier by using our app.

Download The Housesitting Company App

Make finding a sitter, or becoming a sitter, even easier by using our app.

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