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Forget Dog Kennels – You Need a Professional House Sitting Pet Sitter!

20th February 2020

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ll know all about the anxiety that preparing to go on holiday can bring. Leaving your best friend at a kennel, even if it is one billed as a luxurious dog hotel, is distressing.

Your dog doesn’t want to be separated from you, and they certainly don’t want to be in an unfamiliar environment. Going to the vets is a walk in the park compared to a week or longer in a kennel for many a dog. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can avoid putting your dog through all this stress by asking The Housesitting Company for help. We can find you a pet sitter who’ll also take great care of your home. Send us a message or call us on 0800 748 837 today!


Trusted pet sitter

The Housesitting Company has professional house sitters all over New Zealand. We only take on sitters who love animals, whether it is dogs, cats, horses, donkeys or any of the many pets our house sitters take care of.

Our sitters are reliable, Ministry of Justice background checked, and will follow your instructions about food, walks and pats! The Housesitting Company also interviews potential sitters and insists on at least two written references.

We’re on hand to deal with any situations that arise before, during or after a house sit. And to our knowledge, The Housesitting Company has the lowest cancellation rate by sitters in our industry.

Why is this? Well, our thorough vetting process helps, as does the fact our professional house sitters take their commitments seriously. We also have a booking system that doesn’t let sitters apply for overlapping sits once they’ve been booked for you.

Want a second opinion? Check out these testimonials from people who have used our house sitters. And then either continue reading here or send us a message with any questions you have.

Does the pet sitter pay for pet food? And other common questions

Pets can sometimes have as many dietary requirements as humans have. The professional house sitters that The Housesitting Company use can be relied upon to feed your pet exactly as you request. But do they pay for the food? Good question.

Depending on your pet's needs, you could either leave the sitter with enough pet food for the duration of the house sit, or you can leave them cash in case they need to buy more food for your pets.

dog kennels

The sitter will then give you the receipts for any purchases made with your money. You do not pay any of your sitter’s living expenses, and you do not have to provide food and toiletries for them. There are many other questions you’ll have about using a house sitter. So why not check out some of the FAQs people have about using a house sitter. There are also answers to questions if you want to become a house sitter.

The benefit to the sitter is that they do not pay rent while they’re house sitting. And the benefit to you is that your pet is cared for in their familiar environment, and your home is not empty while you’re away.

Sound better to you than booking your dog into a kennel and having an empty house? We thought so.


pet sitter

Call The Housesitting Company on 0800 748 837 or send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

We look forward to helping you – and your pet!!

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