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House sitter

I am a fit energetic 56 year old with no ties, currently seperated. I have son and daughter, both in there 20's who have house sat in Chch and have encouraged me to get involved.

I am a builders foreman In Chch working for a boutique building company of 12-13 carpenters/leading hands and other foremen.

I have no formal experience in house sitting, but have looked after friends and family homes in the past. I have raised 2 miniature schnausers in the past 7-8 years sharing the duties with my daughter.

I am hardworking, very security conscious and a loyal person.

For as long as I can remember I've have always had a pet or animals in my life from cats, birds, dogs, chickens and even fish.

One of my earliest memories is having a cat that was so like Horse in Footrot Flats that it was scary. He 'owned' the house and section. Used to beat up dogs that would mistakenly wander onto our section during the day but would snuggle on my lap at night and sleep at the end of my bed ..... then Murray Ball put him in his comic books ..... hahahaha. I loved that cat so much. Now have a miniature schnauzer called Chico who is my pride and joy. Pets bring out the best in me. Chico would not come with me to my house sits as he currently lives with my daughter. My mother has had dogs most of her life also, Golden Retrievers and Labs so am used the larger dogs and my sister who I regularly visit and lives on a farm in North Canterbury, is the 'parent' to numerous animals and livestock, so I am very comfortable around all sorts of animals both large and small.

My children both have pets that I treat as my yet to be grandchildren .... spoil them rotten, as grandparents are allowed to do.

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